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MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial
MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial – MySQL was created by a Swedish company, MySQL AB, founded by David Axmark, Allan Larsson and Michael “Monty” Widenius. Original development of MySQL by Widenius and Axmark began in 1994.

The first version of MySQL appeared on 23 May 1995. It was initially created for personal usage from mSQL based on the low-level language ISAM, which the creators considered too slow and inflexible. They created a new SQL interface, while keeping the same API as mSQL. By keeping the API consistent with the mSQL system, many developers were able to use MySQL instead of the (proprietarily licensed) mSQL antecedent.

MySQL is currently the most popular open source database server in existence. On top of that, it is very commonly used in conjunction with PHP scripts to create powerful and dynamic server-side applications. At a glance:

  1. MySQL is a database system used on the web
  2. MySQL is a database system that runs on a server
  3. MySQL is ideal for both small and large applications
  4. MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use
  5. MySQL uses standard SQL
  6. MySQL compiles on a number of platforms
  7. MySQL is free to download and use
  8. MySQL is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation
  9. MySQL is named after co-founder Monty Widenius’s daughter: My

This tutorial will give you quick start with MySQL and make you comfortable with MySQL programming.


MySQL Tutorial

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